Peter Missen

Founder – Clearer Thinking

Inventor – Think Clear Machine

Hi there, thanks for visiting. At first pass some of the ideas here may seem a little different, so here is some background as to how I started Clearer Thinking.

It was almost 20 years ago now, one day it all got too much. By this stage I had lost my job and was about to get kicked out of my apartment. I used to spend all day in that place, it was a sanctuary. High up on the 23rd floor where I could turn my phone off and hide from everything, but time was running out.
I had always known that something wasn’t right, but at this point I couldn’t handle it myself. I had to get help. I could no longer hide the fact that I couldn’t make it out of the house, that the constant running of my mind, anxiety and fear had finally taken over.
I still remember the day. I had finally managed to make it out of the house. During daylight hours. Braved going out in public. As I sat in the doctors waiting room I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I couldn’t hide anymore. So I sat with the doctor and told him what was happening, and he gave me some tablets that he told me would help.
I can still remember the palpable relief leaving his office that day. Perfect I thought, I have some tablets and this will be over soon, I can put this all behind me and move on.
The next few days were filled with excitement at the prospect of moving forward, however it didn’t happen. It was still the same, only now with a few more side effects from the tablets.
I went back to my doctor (who still is my GP, nothing against him) and told him that things were still the same. He told me the tablets would take up to a month to see if they worked properly. “I don’t have a month mate, I didn’t have a month last week when I came in, I need something now” I told him. Nothing was available at the time. After I asked what would happen if they didn’t work after a month and was told we could try another tablet, when I asked if that would take another month and got a “yes” that was it.
That was the moment that started this.
That day I decided that I would keep looking for answers, for something that worked, and worked fast. I wasn’t prepared to wait. There HAD to be something, and I was going to find it.
Its wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t easy. More tablets, different professionals, drinking, exercise (which I was and still am hopeless at) immersion in work, nothing was working well.
One day a customer came in, who had recently been to see a someone to help him. This guy had gone from smoking two packets a day to none. Something that worked this well at changing someone’s mind that fast was what I was looking for.
So I manage to get into see this guy after waiting about 3 months to get in, and am thinking he must be good! And he was. At the time I didn’t think anything was different but after it I was. Not fully better, but a lot better. This started my exploration of the power of the mind and how quickly things could change once it was set on the right path.
I began to explore courses but it was an unknown field to me, and the courses looked expensive, and I’m an accountant by trade so am trained to be wary of schemes. Luckily a friend recommended someone to train with, and he is one of the worlds best when it comes to this stuff, I’m in!
Fast forward a little while, and things are happening! I’m learning much more about myself and others, things are finally going towards the way I want them.
At this stage my hobby is becoming more, the skills I’ve learned have not only have transformed me personally, but also allowed me to help others, and I decide I want to do more of that.
So, thats what I’ve done since 2012. Continued to study and refine and explore methods for helping people both here and overseas, to put together a toolkit for working with people to help them move forward.

Over the past two years I have developed and tested the patented Think Clear Machine, now also listed on the Australian Register of Theraputic goods. This, combined with my studies, have led me to combine these into the three stage Think Clear method to give people relief from anxiety and PTSD.

Thanks for reading, please drop me a line if you think I could help.

Qualifications & Studies

  • NLP Master Practitioner (James Tsakalos, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Havening Trainer (USA)
  • Genius Mapping practitioner (USA)

Peter has also studied with the below experts

  • Paul Mischel – Hypnosis
  • Sean Healy – Personality Types
  • Christina Hall – NLP
  • Freddy & Anthony Jacquin – Hypnosis
  • Michael Perez – Hypnosis
  • James Tsakalos – NLP Trainers Training units