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The Think Clear machine uses a patented design to deliver a special electrical signal to the body that calms the amygdala. The amygdala is a part of the brain responsible for the fight or flight response, and it helps protect us from potential threats or dangers. 

However, the amygdala can sometimes be triggered by perceived threats, such as uncomfortable social interactions, and it can also be influenced by past experiences. When a person experiences something traumatic, the brain stores all the associated information, such as sights, sounds, and feelings, as data it will then use to help avoid similar situations in the future. The Think Clear machine works to promote relaxation and help the amygdala from overreacting to these perceived threats unnecessarily.

How does the Think Clear Machine work?

The Think Clear machine promotes relaxation by delivering a special electrical signal using a patented design into the body that calms the amygdala down. The amygdala is the part of the brain that drives the fight or flight responses we have. It is designed to keep us out of situations that are going to hurt us or that it thinks will hurt us to keep us safe by attempting to work out where things could go wrong at the earliest possible moment. The trouble with the amygdala however, is that, it is not that sophisticated in its discernment between things that it needs to deal with for our survival (i.e. not putting our hands in fires etc.) and perceived threats i.e. what happens if I make a mistake at school or work, and what could be the ramifications of that.
Another trouble with, or “fault” of, the amygdala is that it can be triggered something as trivial as an uncomfortable social interaction somewhere, with the notion of keeping you safe, the same as it would for an actual threat of survival.
It will also scan for potential threats based on our previous experiences, and store these for future reference to warn us from them at the earliest possible moment.

What happens when a person has something bad happen to them (physical or emotional, the brain does not see them differently) is that ALL things that are
present at that time are imprinted. Places, weather, smells, location, people, feelings etc. are remembered by the brain and stored as data to keep us safe, then
should the same scenario come up again (i.e. you probably don’t remember the first time you touched something hot, but you know not to do it still to this
day). This information will then be used by that part of the brain as a reference for “predicting” if that event could happen again and stop you from doing it at
the earliest possible moment. This is all part of its job to keep you safe.

How can this effect our day to day lives?

As I mentioned, these things can be physical or emotional, tangible or intangible, actual or perceived. Here’s an example of perceived dangers around emotions, and how they can cause anxiety. When I first came to Melbourne, for a long time I had a fear about being in social situations by myself, particularly restaurants. Where we grew up in the country it was a place where you had to do your best to “fit it” or you were quickly ostracised. Independent thinkingwas not really encouraged and the closer you stuck to the ‘norm’ of most things (sport, fashion, social, career and academic choices) the easier life was.
A “symbol” of being ostracised, for me, was being alone, so if I was ever to sit in a in public by myself I would immediately feel that other people were looking at me and thinking there was something wrong with me as I had no friends to sit there with, i.e.  was ostracised, and basedon my values at the time, this was a bad thing.

Now in reality, no one was looking at me and no one ever said anything to me, but the amount of “scanning” that I would do worrying about what people may have been thinking about me made it so that I didn’t want to go out, and I would find excuses to turn up late or not go at all. 

The “threat” of being alone in a public place was enough to make it so I then didn’t go anywhere at all.
Essentially my survival warning lights were going on far too early, when mostly they didn’t need to go on at all. The part of my brain that thought it was protecting me was now doing more harm than good. 

Why am I so tired?

Regarding our brains “scanning” for things – the sheer number of items to contemplate in any scenario can be a huge weight for usto bear. 

For instance, if we have 2 things bothering us let’s say at work, and that then those two items can interact with each other two different ways. However, as soon as we add another problem, for instance something else at work or something personal, any two of these things can now interact in 9 different ways. Another layer – any two items can interact 16 different ways. One extra item to add into your mix has now doubled your brains workload for the options it has to contemplate how those things can interact and possibly go wrong and manifest into “threats”.

The the sheer amount of time and energy it takes to contemplate those things can be exhausting. Prolonged periods of “scanning” can also be a huge burden. For some people, tomorrow can be a very hard day to contemplate whilst still carrying yesterday’s weight

Your amygdala is designed to keep you safe and alert you when you need to potentially leave. What if, whatever the situation, it seems inescapable? Unfortunately, part of the problem with this part of our brain is that if thinks there is a threat your brain will continue to be alerted and will stay ‘on’. Once upon a time, humans used to be able to run away from threats, but now the can follow us more easily through technology and it can be more difficult to get away from

How can the Think Clear Machine Help with this?

Earlier I mentioned the Think Clear machine delivers a signal to the amygdala to calm it down. Essentially this signal that has been programmed into the machine acts as a manual override switch for that part of the brain to help you relax 

Once this happens, your system can calm down and space can be created for your brain to make a more logical assessment of what is happening, without your system going into overdrive or overwhelm.  

Begin step 1 with the assurance of a money back guarantee when you order now.

Test the Think Clear machine in your home for 7 days and if you dont believe you are more relaxed you can return the device for a refund less $75 which is the cost of postage and consumables used in the medical device

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