Get a s 15 mins free call to discuss if I can help

Peter Missen

Founder – Clearer Thinking

Inventor – Think Clear Machine

How it works


Step one

Have a 15 mins call with Peter to discuss how I can help, or purchase the Think Clear Machine

Step two

Follow the instructions provided with the Think Clear Machine and experience the results for yourself

The Method has three stages, however you can progress through all three or exit after any stage . For instance, we have many users who find after using the Think Clear Machine that they are relaxed enough to move forward, or after step two want to take some time to experience life with some relief for a while.

Step Three

Should you then be getting results from Stage 1 but want to explore more, we then progress to the next stage and hold one on one sessions together, either in person in Melbourne Australia or via zoom worldwide.

For anything after Step 1, working with me the sessions are completely tailored for you and the results you want to achieve. No recordings, no templates, no one size fits all. Our time together is 100% spent on getting you where you want to be.

“After the Beaconsfield mine disaster, I was haunted by anxiety & PTSD. Peter Missen’s Think Clear Method saved my mind. Along with the mine rescuers, I now see him as one of my heroes”

Brant Webb – Beaconsfield mine survivor

Qualifications & Studies


  • NLP Master Practitioner (James Tsakalos, Melbourne, Australia)
  • Havening Trainer (USA)
  • Genius Mapping practitioner (USA)

Peter has also studied with the below experts

  • Paul Mischel – Hypnosis
  • Sean Healy – Personality Types
  • Christina Hall – NLP
  • Freddy & Anthony Jacquin – Hypnosis
  • Michael Perez – Hypnosis
  • James Tsakalos – NLP Trainers Training units